Shape Categories

Players will draw columns with different titles for example cylinder. The player will have a set time to write as many objects with that shape and the properties of the shape. After all the columns are filled, the player with the most points wins.

3D Shapes

Each player will draw 4 cards and will attempt to make the shapes using small spheres of playdough as vertices and matchsticks as edges. The first player to finish all the shapes wins.

Straw Polygons

Players will cut straws to make 4 polygons and then they will measure the perimeter of the shapes. Players will then convert their answers into a ratio and simplify them. The first one to share their simplified ratio wins!

Dice game

The two players will have to roll dices multiple times to get the width and lengths of the shapes. The two players will calculate the composite area and the player with the highest number wins.

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