EAA is committed to helping refugee and host countries with rapid-response collection of IFERB resources that are:

  • Technology-free
  • Low-resource requiring
  • Easily Facilitated
  • Bespoke to their needs and
  • Available in local languages

These resources include project based, game based, activity based learning resources and also storybooks, socio-emotional learning routines and other learning materials that are all levelled for 2 – 14 year olds and available for free-download and use.

The resources include:

  • Socio-Emotional Learning Package - Co-developed with Amal Alliance, it includes the award-winning Colors of Kindness program that equips children with the tools and exercises to positively cope with the new changes and manage their emotions in a healthy manner.
  • Survival English Package - A series of 3 activity books for different age groups to learn important words in English that will help children overcome communication barriers as they transit to and settle in different countries.
  • Flashcards - Available in Dari and Pashto, the flashcards can be used to practise survival English vocabulary words and also as a tool to communicate with authorities.
  • Games Books - Physically engaging and fun Math and English games that also help children revise survival English vocabulary and basic numeracy skills.
  • Life Skills Package - Project-based learning resources to help children develop essential skills such as maintaining good health, budgeting, goal-setting, resolving conflicts respectfully, etc.
  • Host Country Package - Project-based learning resources to help host and refugee communities integrate better focusing on cultural themes and practical skills such as cuisine, folk-stories, geographical surroundings, currency etc.
  • Bedtime Stories - A collection of stories that families can read together to address difficult emotions around loss, anxiety and separation with a clear message of hope along with simple suggested activities. (Coming soon)
  • Literacy and Numeracy Packages - For English speakers, these cover curricular topics and deep-dive into developing English literacy and Math skills.
  • Project Based Learning Resources - Interdisciplinary, week-long project based resources that have been contextualized for children to understand important themes of empathy, connection - differences, self-expression etc. by learning by interacting with their environment. (Coming soon)

To report any concerns or feedback please email us at: innovations@eaa.org.qa

All of these resources are available in English – and specific resources are available in Dari and Pashto and in Ukrainian-Russian and Polish.

The entire emergency response content suite can be accessed below: