Ukrainian Emergency Response

Almost 1.5 mn children have fled Ukraine as the conflict escalates severely disrupting their learning and life. EAA is committed to supporting Ukrainian refugee children world-wide with access to uninterrupted learning that is relevant and holistic.

The Ukrainian EiE resources are cost-free, open-source, technology-free, low-resource requiring and play-based. The resources are all designed to help Ukrainian learners deal with distress, support integration with their host communities, and ensure learning continuity.

These are easy-to-use, month-long learning materials with projects (PBL), games, activities, SEL routines, stories and worksheets for different levels of learners between 4 to 16 year-olds. All of these can be student-led or done with parents or facilitators, and only require basic stationery such as paper and pencils.

These resources will be made available in English, Ukrainian, and Polish. The content suite includes:

  • Activity Book - A set of fun and physically engaging games to practice Maths skills and basic English vocabulary, mindfulness activities and fun stories.
  • Bedtime Stories - A collection of stories that families can read together to address difficult emotions around loss, anxiety and separation with a clear message of hope along with simple suggested activities. 
  • Living Together, Learning Together Package - Projects for Ukrainian children and host country learners to do together to foster empathy and intercultural understanding, including exploring cuisines, festivals, geographies, folk stories etc. 
  • Academic Package - Hands-on, project-based learning modules for Ukrainian children that cover Literacy, Numeracy, and Science concepts for continued learning. 

Please read the Briefing Note available below for further details. 

Since this is a rapid response to the crisis and the content (designed by experts) was translated by volunteers, it is being proofread for quality assurance, iterated, and constantly updated. To report any concerns or feedback please email us at: