Zakoura Foundation: ANEER


Zakoura Foundation is a Moroccan association recognized of public benefit. It strives to ensure quality education for all, inclusively targeting rural and vulnerable populations. The Zakoura Lab and Zakoura Academy bring a tremendous added value through action-research and original human-centered curricula’s design. Zakoura Foundation’s mission is geared toward reaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal n°4 “Quality Education for All”.

Since its creation in 1997, more than 172 500 children, youth, and women have benefited from Zakoura Foundation’s educational and empowerment programs, and over 4 000 leaders/teachers/people have benefited from their training programs. Further, due to their non-formal educational programs, 420 schools have been created with an enrolment of more than 22 000 children in a non-governmental school system.

In 2015, Zakoura initiated an original project, “ANEER” – community-based preschool – to extend quality preschool system into rural areas while uplifting entire communities. The program was launched in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education and UNICEF. ANEER is distinctive within Morocco and the broader MENA region, where there are relatively few initiatives focused on providing early years education in rural regions.

ANEER permitted the implementation of 391 preschools in 8 moroccan regions and the scholarization of more than 20500 children.

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