IACT: Little Ripples

Little Ripples

iACT is a Los Angeles-based international organization providing humanitarian action to aid, empower, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities. All of iACT's work is grounded in community collaboration, trauma-informed approaches, restorative practices, and peacebuilding skill-development. Through innovative, human-centered program design, iACT adapts our programs including Little Ripples, the Refugees United Soccer Academy, LEAD with EMPATHY leadership development program, and livelihood solutions to meet the needs of the community. Our iterative learning and implementation model includes: listening, program co-creation, connecting deeply with the community, providing ongoing support, and developing community members to lead. iACT’s long term goal is to increase the opportunities for people affected by genocide and mass atrocities to use their agency, voice, and capacity to create, manage, and expand programs that meet the immediate and long term needs of their community. We work to ensure displaced children and youth are able to exercise their rights to education and healthy development, while providing employment, leadership, and professional development opportunities for parents and caregivers. Core organizational goals include: create opportunities for communities affected by violence to heal; scale Little Ripples to more efficiently meet the immediate needs of exponentially more displaced children ages three to six in protracted settings; provide the opportunity for Little Ripples graduates to continue fostering wellbeing at the Refugees United Soccer Academy (for children ages six to 13); increase the human rights knowledge and leadership capacity of displaced community members, and; support community-driven livelihood solutions that sustain early childhood education and leadership development.

For more information on the organization, please contact Katie-Jay Scott at ktj@iactivism.org

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