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Our mission is to create schools that open doors and change lives. Through great curriculum materials, intensive teacher coaching and actionable data, we help teachers and school leaders bring quality to every classroom. We innovate through low-cost private schools we own and operate ourselves, then take these learnings and work with governments and other partners to improve the quality of their schools at scale. We’re one of the fastest-growing quality-focused education companies in Africa and a Certified B Corp®. Founded in Sierra Leone in 2014, we provided emergency education to children kept out of school by the Ebola Epidemic before opening our first school in April 2015. Today, we serve 50,000 students across more than 160 schools in Sierra Leone, Liberia and now Ghana.

Rising responded to the closure of schools in March 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic by adapting their curriculum content to create a radio program that aims to strengthen and build students’ foundational skills even when they are out of school. Rising On Air is a 20-week program of free, ready-to-air, radio scripts and SMS content already reaching more than 10 million children around the world. The program leverages Rising’s proven, high-quality structured curriculum content, re-designed for delivery via existing, widely available technologies: radio, phone and SMS. It also builds on key lessons learned from the Ebola epidemic: the importance of deploying a solution quickly to keep children anchored to the education system; the value of being able to access high quality, engaging content rather than trying to start from scratch; and the need to weave health and safeguarding messages into the approach. Interwoven throughout the content are messages designed to help keep children safe from Covid-19 and also from the broader array of heightened safeguarding risks they will be exposed to while out of school.

For more information on the organization, please contact George Cowell at george.cowell@risingacademies.com

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