Luminos Fund: Speed Schools


The Luminos Fund ( works to ensure no child is ever denied an education, whether by poverty, crisis, or discrimination. Luminos is one of the few international, non-government organizations with a proven model, laser focus, and compelling track record for helping out-of-school children learn and catch up to grade level. The organization works to empower communities and reverse the global learning crisis that has left millions of children out of school and lacking opportunity.

The Luminos Fund’s core offering is Second Chance: an intensive learning program that empowers children to catch up to grade level and covers the first three years of school in ten months. In Second Chance, boys and girls learn to read and do math – to learn how to learn – through a joyful, activity-based curriculum. To date, Luminos has helped over 136,000 children get a second chance at education across Ethiopia, Liberia, and Lebanon where the organization works with Syrian refugees.

Luminos programs achieve inspiring, long-term results. Upon completion of Second Chance programs, over ninety percent of Luminos students advance into their local mainstream school, continuing on the path to opportunity. Even six years after completing Second Chance and transitioning into mainstream schools, Luminos children continue to fare better than their counterparts. External research shows that graduates of the program complete primary school at twice the rate of their peers.

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